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# 1 Pool Service Upland Residential Company

Pool Service

If you’re looking for a licensed pool maintenance company, you’ve found us! Upland Pool Service, has remained in business since 1999. We go beyond for all of our clients and ensure that swimming pool maintenance is headache-free. Upland Pool Service Technicians enjoy operating with our clients and want to make life more comfortable for them. 


Green Pool Clean Up

No one desires to have a green pool but we can help by making it cleaned and blue. Here at Upland Pool Services, we take this really seriously because it can be a wellness hazard to you as well as to your next-door-neighbor. This is a method that can exert hours if not multiple days and we are committed to getting it fulfilled. We want you to have a bright blue pool again that you can experience.


Pool Repairs

Often times swimming pool repairs be expensive and upsetting. With Upland Pool Services, we can make the needed repairs and have your swimming pool in operation order without all the anxiety. One of our trained Service Technicians will give you a reasonable appraisal and conduct repairs you can trust. Repair service estimates Visit Fee $80 * $45 credit assigned when pool repairs are performed by a Pool specialist.

Expert Swimming Pool Repair & Maintenance

Upland Pool Service we believe in a strong dedication to quality; dedicated to obtaining your swimming pool is maintained to the highest measures.

We are the premier pool service business in the Upland California area, composed to fit your swimming pool care and demands. Our unprecedented approach to swimming pool cleaning is unmatched. We pledge to be professional, dependable, and honest while offering our clients high-quality resolutions to their swimming pool cleaning and servicing needs.

We provide weekly pool services, including a broader range of cleaning and maintenance services that you can pick to fit your schedule. Thus, we attempt to exceed your expectations with timely, courteous service in pool repairs and pool maintenance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Worry-Free Full Pool Service Reliability

As part of our residential pool and maintenance services, we regularly perform the following:

  • Clean and net pool surface
  • Clean all tiles
  • Vacumm pool bottom off debries
  • Brush walls and steps
  • Clean all the leaf collectors
  • Test water chemistry
  • Add all necessary chemicals
  • Clean all filters as necessary
  • Check all pool and/or spa equipment.
  • Check all pool and/or spa temperatures.
  • Check pool and/or spa safety equipment.
  • Comply with Health Dept. rules and regulations.
  • Advise of any necessary repairs.
What We Do For Pool Owners

Upland Pool Service wants to be your pool maintenance partner for life. We manage everything of the maintenance and cleaning of your swimming pool. From total cleaning to repairs to equipment preservation & upgrades.